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dimarts, 20 de desembre de 2016

for printing


For printing.

Thank you so much.


HRD/Admin Officer
Moonbake Inc.
14 Langka St., Golden Acres Talon 1

Las Piñas City, Philippines 1630

Tel. No.: 632 8004373, 632 8022645
Telefax: 632 8022645

Mobile Number: +63932-845-9007
Email Address:

dilluns, 19 de desembre de 2016

Payslip for the month Dec 2016.

Dear customer,

We are sending your payslip for the month Dec 2016 as an attachment with this mail.

Note: This is an auto-generated mail. Please do not reply.

dimecres, 14 de desembre de 2016

Amount Payable

Dear guapetin.llengua,
The amount payable has come to $38.29. All details are in the attachment.
Please open the file when possible.

Best Regards,
Lavonne Skinner

dijous, 8 de desembre de 2016

Order #0607847

Hello guapetin.llengua, your order #0607847 for $75867596684794735447221429412482848201153717108560098963547938029600477160362343445793654533003874287978654803900614874614440114561500635146200099628908403628105133745779132160902133172837283720691845920800326524465841403831672454054571187929119211624008851642962524369418932427550096828349806176389699560974125361672363036313731421558330080665305740658175444573640739230866115393548525898379204911704214169899157563089391547681873976619138448312443112730605387146785004006083324470895380727158603324051088218729645747220543061345026548502573188428358967828942710366195983175028903323999141732717071977935609882881775809126134421431368264118794387978106647541280345608934747287611916011365679043999231659207912094127602836419012768867825633222043699289971023081145 is delivered the destination.
Sending you the receipt. Please pay it prior to next week.

The receipt is in the attachment.

Best Wishes,
Lavern Chase
Delivery Manager

dimarts, 6 de desembre de 2016

Inv# 6919493 for PO# D273698

Please do not respond to this email address. For questions/inquires, please
contact our Accounts Receivable Department.

This email has been scanned by the MessageLabs outbound
Email Security System for CIRCOR International Inc.
For more information please visit